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Welcome to Your Boating Buddy

Your Boating Buddy - the simplest, most effective,
"on your phone and in your hand" tracking,
communication and emergency alert app.

Designed specifically for use in watercraft packing
minimal electronic equipment. 

Keeping you in contact and visible not only to friends
and family but to YBB users around the world wherever
phone signal is available

Did you know......

Did you know that more than 90% of boating and watercraft related drowning deaths were male and that vessels under 5 metres long, like canoes kayaks and dinghies with small hp outboards feature prominently in that statistic?

Your Boating Buddy can help save the life
of a son a brother, father or husband.

And why not buy Grandad a 12 month membership
so you can follow his fishing trips and be sure he's safe.

Its just too easy. $9.99 (US) per year gives tracking whenever
and for however long you require it, anywhere in the world where
phone signal is available.

But for family and  friends wanting to monitor those trips,
Your Boating Buddy subscription is free.

That's right, absolutely Free.

Just register your user name and password and you
have access to monitor the 3-6 minute tracking updates
that give speed, direction, distance travelled  and time
each and every location point was reached. You can 
monitor emergency alerts and engage and exchange
communications, and if you're worried you can contact
other YBB users in the area to make sure your boating
enthusiast is OK.

Or should a real problem arise you can give
an exact location to authorities.

Your Boating Buddy makes it easy to always 
have someone watching your back. 

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