Welcome to Your Boating Buddy the Tracking, Communications and Emergency app.

Whether canoeing fishing kayaking cruising, sailing or even rock fishing, Your Boating Buddy app makes your journey safer by ensuring you remain visible to and in contact with family, friends and the wider boating community and has the added security of a fast activation Emergency Alert to make everyone aware when problems arise.

While only Your Boating Buddy Premium Members can activate tracking, everyone including family, friends, other boaties and interested parties can view your tracking details and follow your journey on Tracker or monitor the Live Map.

Note: Your Boating Buddy relies on a mobile phone/internet connection. Please use the 3 day Free Trial to check the area you are operating in has signal before purchasing Your Boating Buddy app.

Your Boating Buddy app does not negate or replace the use of other safety equipment 
such as life jackets, flares, EPIRBs radios or the need to adhere to safety regulations. 
Please ensure you have notified relevant persons and/or authorities before undertaking any journey.

Using Your Boating Buddy

Tracking (Direction Arrow Icon) – Activate “Enable Tracking” on the app and YBB will;

  • Take a fix on your position ever 5-10 mins (depending on phone/internet signal in your area),
  • Create a comprehensive record of your journey that can be seen by everyone,
  • Register each location as a direction indicating arrow. Click on the direction arrow to find speed and distance travelled in knots and nautical miles.

Communication Channels (Dialogue Box Icon) – Your Boating Buddy automatically;

  • Identifies the communication channels closest to your location and offers you a selection of “best fit” options from which to choose,
  • Uses “Push Notifications” to let others in your area or on your channel what you are doing are doing and be aware of where other boats are operating,
  • Users can select more than one communication channel and follow what is happening around them and further afield. 

Emergency Alert – (“Life Ring” icon found in the top left hand corner of the User’s Tracker map)

  • Creates a Push Notification message to everyone with whom you are sharing a channel, indicating you have activated the Emergency Alert,
  • Creates a “Life Ring” Icon on the Live Map that can be seen by everyone,
  • Creates a “Life Ring” Icon on the User’s Tracker that can be seen by everyone,
  • If not tracking at the time, pressing the Emergency Alert will automatically activate the tracking feature recording and continuing to track your position until de-activated.

Journey Details option appears after tracking is enabled. Fill in the details to let people know: 

  • Your Start Location,
  • Destination,
  • Number Of People On Board and,
  • Vessel name and length.

Live Map – User Search Function (All Users).

  • Click on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the Live Map to search for other users,
  • Gives the date, time/duration and number of journeys undertaken by that user,
  • Click on one of the listed journeys to see their full tracking history for that journey.

Tracker - Search Function (Individual User).

  • Click on the Time clock in the Top Right Hand Corner to see a history of your own trips,
  • Click on an individual journey to see the full tracking history for that journey.

Profile - Photo Feature – A picture paints a thousand words. YBB recommends your profile photo be your vessel. 


Your Boating Buddy recommends;

  • Everyone on board uses Your Boating Buddy app. Should an incident occur multiple trackers greatly enhance the likelihood of your being found quickly.
  • Reduce the number of apps running on your phone. Multiple apps running in the background can impact upon Your Boating Buddy’s performance

From all of us at Your Boating Buddy we sincerely hope your time out on the water is as safe as it is enjoyable.

Good Boating!