Your Boating Buddy is designed to keep track of the user when out on the water but YBB is limited only by your imagination.

On a recent trip to Japan (late Jan/early Feb 2019) and using a suitable SIM card, YBB tracked our journey from Osaka to the ski fields in Nozawaonsen, and back to Tokyo.  The Bullet Train at one point registering 136.59 Knots (approx. 250klms/Hr !!) .

Then to Sapporo by plane (obviously no tracking while flying) and on to Otaru by train, at times being no more than 30 metres from the edge of the Ishikari Bay.

Conditions were often foggy with heavy snow but YBB tracking was almost flawless (long tunnels gave the tracking some challenges but signal would pick up again once out the other side) .YBB is great for letting others know where you are, even when overseas. So take YBB with you the next time you’re boating or when next you’re travelling and make YBB your link to home.

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