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Tracking, Communications, Emergency

A smartphone based, community visible tracking system to ensure safe, enjoyable recreational boating for everyone

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Real Time Tracking

Real time tracking lets family friends and those out on the water know exactly where you are.

Live Chat

Real time text and voice to text (where supported by your phone), allows you to monitor and communicate what is happening in your area.

Indepth Journey Details

Each location pin gives Direction, Speed, Distance Travelled Since Tracking Began, and Date/Time Stamp.

Community Map

Global map displays all users. Search feature allows search by user name.

Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert notifies all users of a problem via Flashing Icon on "Live Map" and User "Tracking" map.

Quick Emergency Alert

No need to be actively tracking to activate the Emergency Alert. Simply press the Emergency Alert and tracking will begin automatically.

About us

In late 2015 my wife and I were returning home from a weekend out on our little sailing catamaran when a call came over the radio. It was another sailing boat calling rescue services saying their motor had failed and they were off the coast trying to find a way back to safety. They were two adults with an infant aboard. Rescue services returned their call but could not raise a response.

We heard nothing more from the vessel and its skipper.

This one event had a profound impact on our lives and set us on a path to create a communication, monitoring and emergency notification system that can help improve safety for everyone on the water.

Your Boating Buddy is the result.

A smart phone based community visible tracking system to ensure safe and enjoyable recreational boating for everyone, whether sailing, power boating, cruising, rock fishing, kayaking, rowing, jet skiing in coastal waters or the many rivers lakes and dams that attract so many visitors each year.

With your help we know we can make maritime safety even better.

If you love boating, being out on the water as we do, or if the water is your livelihood, take the opportunity to trial, free of charge, Your Boating Buddy for 3 days.

Tracking, Communications, Emergency